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Originally Posted by First Snow View Post
I think Red's SU for the Digimon RP GMed by parallelzero is my favorite.
Naww, thank you :D <3
Originally Posted by Zerin View Post

Speaking of which... When is the next Roleplayer's Awards?
I hope you didn't bold and italic that to make it look like a new topic lol because there's not really much that can be discussed about that. From the looks of it, Skymin holds RPA every quarter of the year, so I guess the next might come in a couple of months or so.

As for characters, I've created so many by now so it's difficult to pick a favorite there. I really loved playing with Ashton Elden in Swan's "A Fresh Start", even though there wasn't really any trace of originality in him haha. It's not always necessary to make really odd characters, I've noticed. It's just boring to make them too generic. Ashton was your average reckless Ash-twin only that he had a certain level of naivety and laziness on top of it which made it very easy for me to put him into a setting and make him do funny stuff.

I wrote one of my best posts ever in that RP... according to myself haha. Of course it has its flaws compared to a lot of high quality posts made in this forum. But it was so fun to write omg

Umm, anyways. Another character I really liked is someone I didn't even get to play with because the RP didn't start. It was a girl in a digimon RP on another site, and she was nerdy and tomboyish and didn't think that anyone could ever fallen in love with her. I would have turned into a love story, totally. It was set in a digimon academy sort of thing... I borrowed many traits from her to create Agnes/Agneta, the character I'm playing with in parallelzero's ".digi//TAMED". I think I'll like playing as her if we get some more time together :3

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