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    My favorite character would be Jack Spark, the first character I ever made. Surprisingly, imo he wasn't a Gary Stu at that point, but I ended up god-modding a lot in my noob days xD But he was great to RP as. A young boy thrown into a war, leading the humans... Not only did he fail, but he failed badly and ended up destroying a whole region. The awesome thing was how he evolved as a person, he became a much better and fleshed out character as my skills as a RPer grew. Then he returned in the sequel only to not know anything about authority and try to be a smart ass all the time xD

    After that, it's Luke Wright, who is a really clueless sheltered kid on an adventure. Love playing as him and interacting with his butler d: My favorite post is definitely this one, with loads of character development. -

    By others, hmm... Most of Supervegeta's evil characters are the ones I like, Travis and Cain (War b/w Pokemon and Humans 2) are some of my favorites. And Edward really impressed me as well. :D