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Jev chuckled and waved his arm. "A hive of beedrill came into our forest during an evening while my family was trying to feed off the sap in the woods. We had a large fight over the food supply that was secreting and began to squabble to the point where their queen began to feed off the same tree my father was trying to eat. She poisoned him repeatedly until he fell dead... We spent the entire night ripping off their heads one by one until we had a pile of dead insects and set them aflame. We used their heads as ornaments to keep those other poison-puss filled bugs out of our home." Jev looked above for another dragon and spotted one. Getting up, he walked to the center of the field and looked back at Charlie with a smug look. "Say what you want, the only thing that scares me is Shadoan's fury... Now are you wanting to fight a dragon or not?"

Shadoan walked over and helped her up, bopping her fist as he did. "That was awesome!" Avaith smiled and cheered her on a bit more. "Awesome work! You'll get him some day! Took me weeks before I could wrestle him to the ground!" Shadoan reached into his pocket and pulled out a blue pokeblock and gave it to her. "For a job well done! Oh, you can keep the gloves." He walks over to his bag and reaches into it. "I have spares." He straps his rucksack back on before going over his information he purchased. As Avaith smiled, he leaned over to Mello slightly with a grin. "Think she'll open up a little more?"

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