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The sun was crawling itself from the horizon, slowly rising into the sky inch by inch. It was a glorious sight as the sky was painted a beautiful mix of red, orange and yellow. Standing on his balcony with a cup of herbal tea, Daiki continued his tradition of watching the sun rise. He was not one to stay up late, believing that getting sleep was important to one's health, development and appearance. Therefore he made the commitment of going to bed early and waking up early. "Early bird catches the worm," as his grandfather always said. Apparently that was an old saying. Daiki could never find the origin, no matter how much reading he did.

"Daiki…" His mother's voice came from his doorway to his room, sounding weaker than normal. Daiki slowly spun around and faced her from the balcony. There was quite a distance between them, as Daiki's room was quite large comparable to a small apartment suite. With pure white walls carefully decorated with classical paintings often engrained in fantasy genre, fine wood floors, matching furniture sets, a "prince" sized bed as Daiki called it and a number of bookcases, plants and statues spread out from wall to wall. Opulent would be a tame word to describe this room.

"Welcome, mother. You look radiant as usual. Come to watch the sunrise with me? You have come just in time," Daiki said with his usual shining smile, placing his cup beside a book on his balcony table.

"You have a visitor. You must come to the door immediately…"

"A visitor at this hour? I was not expecting any until this afternoon. We were to go engage in some leisure activities. Fishing, if I am not mistaken."


"I do apologize mother dearest," Daiki said as he approached his mother, gently placing his hands on her shoulders. "I shall come. Give me a few moments to prepare myself. I do not want to bring shame upon our house," Daiki smiled and kissed his mother upon her forehead. Daiki's mother forced a meek smile before leaving the room. Daiki looked out upon his balcony. For some reason, he sensed it would be the last time he would ever enjoy the pleasant view.

A few moments later, Daiki found himself descending down the stairs in his manor overlooking the sitting room. A round oak table stood in the middle of the room surrounded by fine foreign leisure chairs. Much like Daiki's room, the room was decorated with class and regality in mind. A beautiful angel with desirable wings and sand blonde hair stood around, refusing to take a seat for unknown reasons. Daiki did not recognize the figure, and his expression reflected such a matter as he completed his descent into the room. "You called for me, milord? I am Daiki, son of Hiroshi, of House Ethered. How I can assist you on this bright morning?"

"You have been chosen to participate in the Population Games," the angel replied.

"I beg your pardon?" Daiki said, his face painted with confusion and shock.

"You have been chosen to participate-"

"No, no. I apologize for interrupting but I did hear you the first time, but unless my eyes and ears deceive me the population games are well underway, my good lord. The champions from all the districts have been selected and they underwent training. In fact, if I do recall correctly the interviews were to commence in the evening. I fail to remember the time offhand. I am sure father remembers. He is quite intelligent, if occasionally absent minded."

"You are correct, Daiki Ethered. However, this is an order from the Gods themselves. You are to participate."

"Daiki…no," Daiki's mother squirmed outside the room, rudely eavesdropping.

"Well, in that case I cannot rebuke such a fact. I am to assume we must depart immediately, or we shall be late. The Gods and Goddesses would not enjoy a tardy contestant."

"Indeed they would not."

"Do allow me to bid farewell to my family for there is a great chance I shall not return. I do not wish to live with regret weighing down my heart."

"Of course," replied the Angel. "I will be waiting outside." With that the angel stepped outside, and Daiki's mother was quick to embrace her son.

"Please, Daiki. Don't."

"I cannot refuse such a request, mother. To disregard the authority of such figures is practically begging for the hammer of the Gods to smite our home into nothing more than dust and ashes," Daiki began placing a finger upon his mother's mouth as she dared to speak again. "I know what you are going to say, so save your breath for more pressing matters. It is true I take no pleasure in violence and for that I will likely not walk away from such a competition, but I will not shed my honor or being. If I do emerge victorious it will not be at the cost of my humanity. I will step in as Daiki Ethered, and will step out Daiki Ethered. One way or another," he finished proudly. "I dare not awaken sister or father. Please give them my farewells. I will likely not be able to communicate with you further, but I will attempt to make an effort regardless. I love you, mother," Daiki finished with a deep embrace. His mother did not dare to respond. Such a farewell would be stained by her tear filled reply.

Daiki stepped out of his home in his standard wardrobe. And in that moment, he wondered if he would ever see his childhood home again. "Let us go, milord. I do not want to impede our progress any further. Lead the way."

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