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A Plan In Motion

He became aware of the pain in his belly first. It felt like his insides were on fire. With a groan he opened his eyes and sat up, trying to ignore the increase in pain as he moved. His vision was blurry at first, but, slowly, his eyes adjusted to the light. It took his fuzzy brain a moment to realize he was in a different room. The room was warm, but he felt a slight chill on his bare chest from the sweat making contact with the open air. He looked down and saw that his wound had been dressed. He felt stomach sick.

Everything was slowly returning to him, the abduction of Ralof's family, the assassin, and Farengar's client. That sword, he thought as he threw his feet over the side, it was an Akaviri katana. He knew it for sure. He'd seen those dozens of times. He had used them before. The Akaviri katana was the signature weapon of the Blades, the once dragon hunters, and personal guards to the Emperor. They were sworn to follow and protect the Dragonborn. Once the Oblivion Crisis hit, the Blades were paramount to the salvation of Tamriel from the invasion of the daedra from Oblivion.

The last Dragonborn emperor died at the end of the Third Era. The Blades had no emperor to serve, and thus were cast aside, nothing but relics of a time now gone. Either this woman had a relic and was unaware of its origins, or she was in contact with the Blades. If that was true she probably was one. If the Blades still existed they would be honor bound to help him.

He stood. His legs felt weak from lack of use. How long was I unconscious, he thought, more importantly, who treated me? The empty, sour feeling in his stomach and the stiffness of his muscles was a familiar feeling. Poison, he thought with a sigh, the damn assassin's blade was poisoned.
He should have figured that earlier.

He spotted a mug on the stand next to the bed. Greedy with thirst he reached for it, his thirst now all but unbearable, "I wouldn't do that if I were you," he heard a woman's voice say from behind him, "you'll regret it when you feel like your insides are going to explode."

Smiling, Revak took a small sip. The water wasn't cool, but refreshing nonetheless. Sadly, he put the still full mug down on the stand. He turned and saw the woman who had saved him standing in the doorway. Her leathers were gone, replaced by civilian clothes, and she only had a steel dagger at her side. "You speak from experience?" he asked, not taking his eyes off her. She was a Breton; he could tell that much by her height, and her light hair and eyes. She was older, if Revak were to guess he would say in her fifties, but she was obviously in good shape.

"Something like that," she said with a smirk. She closed the door behind her, "You and I need to talk."

Revak nodded, "We do," he said as he made his way, slowly, to the table where there was a wicked looking ebony dagger and a folded note. Curious, Revak opened the note, revealing a large black hand printed on it. The Black Hand, he thought as he folded the note, I should have known that it was the Dark Brotherhood. "The Dark Brotherhood," he said setting the note down and picking up the ebony blade gently. It was a fine blade, something that the Brotherhood would have used back in their prime, "I forgot about them."

The woman took the dagger from him, "Well, it's going to be hard to forget about them from now on." She put the dagger down, "They aren't going to forget this, and they don't give up on hits." She looked at him, "They are going to hunt you until you die."

"Not unless I run into them first," he said with a smile as he turned back toward the bed and sat down, wincing from the pain.

"You don't seriously expect to challenge the Dark Brotherhood?"

"No," Revak laughed, "but if I run into them, I'll remember this." She smiled.

"So," he said, "do I get to learn the name of the person who probably saved my life?"

"Probably?" she raised her brow.

"Well," Revak shrugged, "he might have missed, you never know."

"No, I guess not."


She smiled, "My name is Delphine."

"Well then," he said, offering his hand, "Delphine, I thank you." She took his hand; Revak smiled at the strength of her grip. "So, that was an interesting blade you used last night."

"I saved you life and you're interested in swords?"

Revak stood, "You know who I am," she said nothing. "You know what I am?" Nothing. "I know what you are."

She crossed her arms, "Do you?"

"I do, Blade."


Revak took a step toward her, "It's been a long time since you were called that, wasn't it? After all, weren't the Blades undone?"

Delphine's eyes grew wide, "How do you know?"

"Your sword," he said calmly. "The Akaviri katana, it's not very common," he explained.

"Good eye."

"You weren't just saving an innocent man; you were saving me for a reason, why?"

She sighed, "Because I've heard the rumors. You're Dragonborn?"

Revak nodded, "I am."

"Follow me," she said as she walked to the wardrobe in the corner.

Curious, Revak followed and watched as Delphine opened the door, pushed aside the clothes and pulled a hidden lever. Suddenly, the back wall of the wardrobe slid to the left, revealing a stone staircase going to a hidden basement. Delphine went down the stairs, Revak following slowly but surely behind her. It took a moment for Revak's eyes to adjust to the lack of light. Once adjusted he saw a table in the center of the room, covered with maps and books, a chest in the corner, a book shelf and an alchemist table along the back wall. Along the wall to the right was a weapon rack, containing three Akaviri katanas.

"Very nice," he said once he was finished taking in his surroundings.

"I'm sure you understand the need for secrecy."

He nodded, "Of course. So, Delphine, who are you really?"

She leaned on the table and sighed, "One of the last of the Blades. How much do you know of them?"

"More than I should," he said as he moved slowly to the table. "They were - are - an ancient order, meant to protect and serve the Dragonborn. In the beginning they were dragon hunters and joined the Dragonborn to hunt dragons. Later, they were guardians to the Dragonborn Emperors. After the Oblivion Crisis, and after the death of Martin Septim, they were left without a clear purpose."

Delphine nodded solemnly, "Ever since we've been fighting where we're needed. I fought against the Aldmeri Dominion in the Great Dominion destroyed us. The Thalmor hunted us down, killing each member of the Blades they could find. They've been hunting the Blades ever since, now only myself and Esbern remain."

Delphine paused and shook her head, "We questioned them. We stood for what he Empire truly is, what it was meant to be, and we suffered for it."

"And what is that?" Revak asked, curious as to what her response would be.

"A union of Tamriel under one banner, a union of peace and brotherhood, ruled by the Dragonborn descended from Tiber Septim himself."


She nodded, "That was the biggest blow to the Blades. Removing Talos from the Divines? Not only had the Empire turned into a bastardized version of itself, but it abandoned it's most holy and iconic man that ever lived. It's founder! For our sake, I hope Talos finds mercy to those that still worship him, even in secret."

He does, Revak thought, "I agree."

She looked at him, determination in her eyes, "You truly are Dragonborn?" Revak nodded. "I've been tracking your progress since Bleak Falls Barrow," she said, "You've never been to the Greybeards. Instead you learned to Shout from the dragon at the watchtower."


She pointed out numerous points she'd marked along the map, "These are dragon burial sites," she began. "The fact that the dragons are returning isn't merely by chance. Something is bringing them back. What that is I don't-"

"I do," Revak interrupted. Delphine stared at him, "Alduin has returned."

"Alduin," she said slowly, "I recognize the name..."

"Alduin the World Eater, End Bringer, First Born of Akatosh," Revak said with a scowl, "he is the opposite of Akatosh; as Akatosh creates, Alduin was to destroy. According to legends, Alduin had forsaken his ancient role to bring the end of the world, and instead he wanted to control it. So the Nords of old, the Dragonborn, supposedly defeated him."

"But if he was defeated, how can he be back?"

"It said they 'defeated' him, not that they destroyed him. How can you destroy a god?"

Delphine frowned, "If this is true... what are we to do?"

"It is no mere coincidence that I, a Dragonborn, appeared just as the dragons return to Skyrim."

Delphine looked confused, "What do you mean?"

"I was sent by the Divines to stop Alduin, at all costs."

"Sent by the Divines? So what, they brought you back to life?"

"In a way. You don't need to believe me now, I'm sure it will make itself more obvious in time, but you and I have the same goal; to stop these dragons," he paused, taking in her reaction.

"Agreed," she said finally, "we must stop these dragons, whatever they are planning, whether it's this Alduin, or just a crazed act of nature." Revak held back a sigh of relief. He was worried that this would go the same way as it had with Lydia; instead Delphine asked no further questions, just left the posibility hanging in the air. "In any case," she pointed at a mark on her map, "Kynesgrove, I believe this is our next dragon. If we can catch them as they come back..."

Revak smiled, "It might save some lives."

"Exactly," Delphine said, "and if you really are Dragonborn, this is your chance to prove it to me."

It made sense that she would be skeptical, "Of course." Revak touched his bandages, "How long until I will be able to fight?"

She shook her head, "I'm not sure, let's go back upstairs and see how it's healing. The poison that was on the blade was a nasty concoction."

Going back up the stairs was more difficult that descending. Revak had to use Delphine as a crutch in order to get back up them. The room was spinning by the time they made it back to the bed. Carefully, Delphine removed the bandages. Revak winced as the fabric brushed against the wound. Once the bandages were removed Revak could see the injury for the first time. He had been stabbed in the left side of his belly. It was a long wound that was deep at the point of impact, then slid toward his side, leaving a long and ugly gash. He knew instantly that he would scar from the cut, "How long has it been?"

"Two days, you were lucky he missed your internal organs," Delphine said, reaching for fresh bandages. "It has healed well for how long it's been, the poison probably slowed the healing somewhat," she said as she began rewraping his injury.

Revak nodded, "I figured as much. I should be fine in maybe a few days."

"Five at least; we'll see, but we need to get to Kynesgrove, if you aren't well enough by then..."

"I'll travel injured," Revak smiled, "I'll make it."

She returned his smile as she finished wrapping his bandages.

Finally, Revak had a plan.


Filler chapter as well as good 'ol character development.

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Shout out to Knotted, and their fanfiction on called "Dragonsong" who's Dragonborn is also named 'Revak'! Great minds think alike! Check out their fanfiction!