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My entry for the competition, how has Magikarp improved? It doesn't have to because it's the best damn pokemon ever. You see that shiny? SOLID MOTHER****ING GOLD. You know what egg group it's in? Dragon. Same group as these ugly *****es.

ALL THESE ****S ARE LINING UP TO GET A PIECE OF THIS. Why? Cause he's a SOLID. GOLD. BADASS. Who's the only level 100 pokemon in the wild? GOD DAMN MAGIKARP. You know the only thing wrong with Magikarp? He's gonna try and turn into some punk Gyarados, but that's what the B button's for.
Even though Magikarp has always been rather... lackluster, it seems to have grown on you quite a bit! Also, Gyarados was UU in Gen 1 and 2, then moved to OU afterward... nice job