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Atticus Forsberg - AUP Headquarters, France

"What? Helena, hey, wait!" but she was gone as Atticus went to grab the invisible Helena in front of him but only ended up with a fistful of air. She was going? But Atticus had worked so hard to have her on board! Lose her family? What was she talking about? "Helena!"

"Let her be, Atticus," Emil had put a hand on Atticus chest to stop him from chasing after something he could not see, though it was pretty obvious where she would be going if she was trying to escape. "The AUP is all about freedom and free will. Are you going to deny her that?"

"No, but, I think she misunderstood what you said as--"

"Leave her be."

Atticus exchanged looks with the rest of the members, recieving a stern look from Natalia, a sad look from Annie and a nod from Cooper. He stopped pushing and stepped back into his chair.

"Well, alright then."

"She'll come back when her time is right, trust me."

Devon "Evo" Bernot - AUP Headquarters, France

Peace and quiet. It was kind of ridiculous how something so trivial could be so hard to find in an empty place like this. Sure, his father's floor was usually empty but it wasn't like being alone. He felt like eyes were always on him when he sat in his room and here? He could just sit. Devon found his peace in the headquarter elevator. He was sure that this would probably not be approved by his father, that's why he had to sneak past them at the dinner table as his father rambled on about something to come here. Sure, people came in an out of it all the time but that silence that he could feel as it stopped on a floor and stayed there until it was needed again.

Devon was sitting with his back towards the door, leaning against the other side where the people pushed the buttons to pick their floor. His eyes were closed and he was just sitting there, breathing, alone with his thoughts. He sometimes eaves dropped on conversation when partners or friends or co-workers or whatever they were came and chatted or replied when he heard a 'hello' from voices above him.

The elevator shuffled again, heading upwards until it rested again a short time later. He didn't really care which floor he was coming from or going to, opening his eyes a little as the doors opened to make sure the person was not startled and thought he was dead or asleep or anything. Instead of seeing a pair of legs shuffle in the elevator, Devon saw nothing but heard footsteps on the metal base. At first, Devon thought ghost but his mind reminded him that things were not as they seemed now. His father had spoken to him of his Atlantean ability a week ago, just after his tattoo had revealed itself on the inside of his right arm. Three shapes; a crescent, a semi-circle and a full circle. At first, his father's confession had seemed like a big joke; that he was the creator of a secret, organisation of a thought-to-be-dead-race and that he had kept it all a secret from Devon all this time and perhaps his mother before she had left both of them seven years ago. But, as his father proved more and more strange truths to him, Devon's dream of having super powers came a reality. There was only one problem; Devon's ability. His father insisted the absense of it was that it just needed a time and place to come and somehow mingling with other members of this AUP would help.

Well it had been just about a week now and mingling with members and following his father around had grown boring and tiresome. Devon just wanted things to be real again.

"Hello?" Devon said to the footsteps, raising his voice into a quesion to make sure that he wasn't just talking to air. If it was someone, they probably had not seen him when they walked in; Devon had stayed quite concealed to those who entered by sticking himself close behind the wall. "Who is there?"
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