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Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
I... think it's kinda worrying when it's all you've got to talk about, in all honesty, lol. But I agree that if people could be more open about it, it'd be a much less awkward topic.

Ofc though a balance needs to be found between talking about it appropriately and just constantly giving tmi.

oh its not that i dont have other things to talk about
i mean yeah it seemed that way ha ha sorry!!! but im not that bad really. its just one of those things that... if you mentioned it id be happy to discuss it?? i mean i personally try not to make a conversation about it because

well honestly and ironically im a bit frigid or whatever so unless someone else brings it up i wont mention it kinda thing

and even when they do it highly depends on the person im talking to whether or not i disclose certain things or use certain words HEH

its fun to talk about, but only when others are interested. otherwise i just talk about aliens.

wow i feel like i dug myself into a hole here but !!!! im not a horndog im just bad at wording. u_____________u;;;