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A new trainer walks to the lab.

TRAINER: I'm going to get my first Pokemon! *goes inside*

CHAINSAW MEOWTH: You're here for a Pokemon, aren't you? Well, I have some.

TRAINER: Really? That's nice and all, but I'd really like that cute hedgehog over there..


CHAINSAW MEOWTH: *thinks* Where's this Prof's pokemon--*remembers back to when Shaymin and him were out side* *the Bag was there* I bet that there in that bag.

TRAINER: *comes over* You don't look like a look like a cute cat. Maybe I'll take you instead. *picks up Chainsaw Meowth* So cute :3

CHAINSAW MEOWTH: Hey! Let me go! Put me down! I'm armed!

TRAINER: You shouldn't have that dangerous thing. *takes the Chainsaw and puts it down*

(CHAINSAW) MEOWTH: *starts biting the trainer*

TRAINER: You'll get used to it...*picks up Shaymin, too*

SHAYMIN: Miinn...

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