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    Cira & Alex Gaile - Under the Vatican, Rome, Italy

    The Librarian cleared up Otto's question, "Are you confused by me telling you this? It is because I like to keep my guests well informed. They are my friends. When I receive something, I like to give something in return!"

    They weren't confused, it just took a few seconds to process all the information properly.

    Let's see, he works solo with an assistant, and he has contact with a 'Unification Project', as it's called. Two other organizations, and one aptly named according to its likely purpose, assuming there are supposed to be bad guys as this gets more complicated. He's on good terms with a few members of the AUP, or at least he used to be, so something may be up with them. Cira and his father looked at each other for a moment, then at the Librarian.

    "We accept," Alex answered. Of course, he enjoyed the lack of pain that would come from the Librarian's bite, and he started to think it would be nice for his kid to learn a few things.

    "If it's alright, I'd love to read through some of your journals, too." Cira was curious about what he could find out from the books in this place. If they were organized alphabetically, they would be easier to go through. Maybe they're in order of time; that could actually be less troublesome since he expected a lot of powers to be under multiple names.

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