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    Originally Posted by Sean.Warner View Post
    this hack looks awesome! can't wait to play

    Originally Posted by js1210 View Post
    This is amazing, it puts all your other hacks to shame. I really hope you end up finishing this. One thing that I think would make this game look much more unique is if you changed the sprites for the trees. It would make it look like less of a hack and more like a new Pokemon game. That's just what I think though, you are the master hacker.
    Let's just say I haven't planned to quit this

    It's possible that some of the in-game graphics are edited later but for now, I've got nobody to do the job for me and I'm terrible at graphical work myself. I'd like to have new graphics myself too if they were well-made though

    By the way, glad to hear you appriciate my work!

    Originally Posted by Farizerz View Post
    finally we can play as Gary!
    I'll be watching this thread, can't wait for the next beta.
    btw i think you should add running shoes feature on your hack since GSC didn't, it would be awesome
    Actually, the main hero wasn't intended to look like Gary but he turned that way anyhow. I prefer calling him "Cactus" myself.

    To add running shoes in the hack, I'd have to edit the script in The Capital in which you get Bicycle because then that item wouldn't be obtainable. That's not a problem though.
    Then again, I'd feel like I was stealing KBM's hard work if I added running shoes into this hack because of the brilliant coding he's done - even if I gave him credit for it. I can't say anything more about it yet though. Sure running shoes is a cool addition but if I added it, I might want to find out a way myself that's different from his example.

    Progress update

    I've pretty much decided the places that are going to be accessable in Beta 3. You'll be able to visit Milky Village, Argent Warehouse and (Brightbulb City ?) among all the routes and other special areas between them. It may not sound that much but Beta 3 will actually be almost twice as big as Beta 2 was.

    To finish Beta 3, I've still got to complete the Western Lake and Deep Cavern, create Brigthbulb City from scratch and a couple of new events for some of the places of Beta 2.

    It's still a long way to go but then again, I've gotten quite far already. It's impossible to say anything about release dates yet but I'd assume that you'll get to play it before summer time comes.
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