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    My SU

    Name: Christian Williams

    Age: 20 (very young in this future.)

    Appearance: Christian has long blonde hair and blood red eyes. His face is handsome and usually alternates between a cocky smirk, an ice cold stare, a carefree look, or an emotionless expression. He stands at 5'11 and weighs about 180 pounds. His build is skinny but muscular. His usual attire is a t-shirt with a death's head insignia from an ancient comic book that he wears over a long sleeved black shirt during the winter. For pants he either wears long blue jeans in the winter or short beige shorts in the summer. For shoes he wears white shoes with a logo from a company from the year 3000.

    Personality: From first appearance Christian would look like what in the the old world was called a "skater punk." He isn't but he can have a somewhat rebellious nature. He lives by the rules of logic and his God and no one and nothing else can supersede the authority of these two things in Christian's mind. Virtues that he would possess are knowledge, intelligence, justice, and faith. He is an incredibly smart deep thinker who's come to every belief he has based on logic. His knowledge of different subjects is also great ranging from the technology of his time to the wildlife of his era. His sense of justice is strong, and he believes in the literal definition of justice which is paying back every action with an equal punishment or reward. His faith in God is strong believing every last verse of the Bible to be literal truth.

    If he had three fatal vices they would be pride, wrath, and lust. Because he's lived a genuinely decent life in his eyes and has above average logical reasoning skills, he sometimes thinks of himself as better than other people. This can cause him to be cocky and down right arrogant in many cases. His second vice is lust. He has a weakness for beautiful women, and can easily be influenced by them. He can also be a very dark and vengeful person making it very hard on his enemies.

    Christian is also somewhat of a bad arse. He's been trained in Krav Maga and has freakish above average strength. He also has no qualms about torture and execution. He will kill someone if he thinks that they deserve it. He also has a smart mouth and won't hesitate to hurt someone's feelings. Sometimes he can be downright verbally abusive so watch out. His cynical attitude toward mankind causes him to believe that a true Utopia is unachievable and that causes him to favor the FRA.

    Hometown: Charleston South Carolina, USA.

    Starting Monster: Demon Hyena Cub

    Type: Darkness

    Weakness: Light

    Starting Monster's appearance: It’s about the size of a normal Hyena. It has the pattern of a spotted hyena, and has blood red eyes. Looks like the average hyena except sleeker, more muscular, and fiercer, like something from hell. Also has a black, upright, horse like mane going from its neck down it's back. It also has four metallic claws coming from each paw. Special abilities include moving through the shadows and the darkness and being able to bite through diamond like butter. Laugh also has a slight fear inducing quality. Doesn't have the ability to talk yet. Just to laugh creepily.

    Attacks (will learn more as it levels up.)

    1. Demon's Laughter- A darkness type move where the user laughs and fires a dark energy blast that damages the foe and ups their fear level.

    2. Metal slash- A metal type move in which the user slashes it's opponent with its metal claws.

    3. Hyena Bite- A Darkness type attack where the Demon Hyena bites the opponent with extreme force.

    Rest of evolution line

    Demon Hyena Warrior- The size of a big lion making it face its arch enemy head on. It's laughter now causes slight disorientation on the unfocused mind.

    Demon Were Hyena- A nine foot bipedal were hyena. It's both sleek and muscular. Laugh can now cause slight panic attacks. Can speak whatever the tongue of the area it's based in speaks.

    Beelzebub Hyena- A towering twenty foot giant were hyena with a wingspan of 30 ft. Has two prominent demon ram horns that protrude from his head. Laugh can now cause opponents to experience their worst fears. Can speak any language

    They have the loyalty of a dog to their tamer. They can manipulate darkness and shadow to do their bidding as they grow. Their bite strength is only matched by one other monster (one I'll reveal later.) Uses fear as a weapon. The Beelzebub Hyena is one of the most powerful demons in the RP. They are vicious, merciless, and blood thirsty.

    They are vicious merciless and blood thirsty. That means that once they fight, they aren't satisfied until they kill something and taste it's blood. If they aren't satisfied, they could be hard to control. They're weak to light as darkness usually is. Being a demon, it has evil tendencies.
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