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Originally Posted by BRS View Post
i Like to play UU RU and NU cause theres no weather horts and we can make random team with new techniques ^^
Hippopotas is in UU! There's weather everywhere. :P

Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
Cool Title. And even a cooler guide. I admit, I never look at any other tier except Uber, OU, and the occasional UU. But NU looks promising. i'll try playing with it when I get back home.
Thank you! I appreciate it, and hope you enjoy it. x)

Originally Posted by shnen2 View Post
NU is the best tier, give it a go people!
nice to see you trying to spread it on here zeb, although a quick warning to the people about the new threats that dropped down and how to beat them (i.e. altaria/flareon for zard, and absol for modt weather etc) might be useful :p
Absol loses to Sawsbuck though. XD And yeah, I ~should~ have, but it took forever to do what I did already.

Originally Posted by dragon456 View Post
Hm, should try this someday... thx for the guide, Vrai! >.<

*loads LC team*
Haha, no problemo.

Originally Posted by Apple Juice View Post
Ooh, I love NU. So many oppurtunities for different teams. The most annoying mons are Lickillilies and Throhs. Ugh. :c
Use physical attackers then! To be honest, though, I've never really struggled against Throh. What have you been using? :o

Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Yay not included at above :x oh also adding to my list of annoying Pokemon is Swellow (plus for those that don't know - Absol, scarf Sawk and Egg Cute). Most of those are situational though so as long as all four aren't on the same team I'm okay :x
Exeggutor, you mean? :o Also Alomomola beats 2/4 of those and possibly Absol, too...

Originally Posted by Dark Azelf View Post
Yeah its fun, but i seem to be getting more than my daily dose of stupid from the ladder too. I mean im in the top 20 and i keep seeing dumb as hell pokemon and sets, for example Endure F(l)ail Pikachu, Specs HP Fire Oshawott. ._.
lol yes people use stupid stuff, it makes NU a fairly easy ladder until you run into a decent team

Originally Posted by revelp8 View Post
I definitely love the name of this thread!

but yea, after being an OU ***** ever since DPP came out, BW is when I first entered the fray of the lower tiers.

But definitely NU is a creative tier, not everyone runs standard sets, and some of the pokemon can be downright broken as $%^&. I didn't know that magmortar was #1 though, i might have to implement that on my team
Haha thank you. I like how you censor yourself on the word "shit" but not "bitch", lool. Yes, Magmortar is a stud, although he's dropping a bit in popularity thanks to Charizard!