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    And alas, Adrianne and her accompanying beast are done!

    Name: Adrianne Zander

    Age: 22

    Appearance: Adrianne stands at 5’10’’, and her slender build only accentuates her height. Her ruby-coloured hair is cut in a jagged, angular style which does not reach her shoulders, and her eyes are quite literally sky blue. Her skin is naturally fair, despite the time she spends outdoors. Her smile is broad and welcoming, a look not often reflected in her eyes.

    Adrianne does not oft wear make-up, but can be swayed if the situation arises. She is most regularly seen to be wearing short green shorts with a sloping orange belt. She wears an orange vest, and will occasionally don a brown leather bomber jacket if the weather calls for it. On her feet she wears hard-wearing high-top orange trainers, and on her right leg above the shoe she has a small tattoo of an ancient symbol associated with her family.

    Personality: To the untrained eye, Adrianne is a gentle, meek and unassuming young woman who has no business in taming monsters. This first impression is the precise reason why a book should never be judged by its cover, as Adrianne can be as ruthless as they come. Adrianne will stick to her guns to every extent, and her determination and motivation to become MFC Champion drives her very existence. Stopping at nothing to become Champion, Adrianne will lose sight of all morals when she sees an opportunity to get ahead, and can become dangerously unattached to her emotions. Even though Adrianne is confident, pleasant and easy to be around, she is detached from those who consider her an ally and wouldn’t double-think harming them for personal gain.

    Adrianne has no faith, and believes in logic and logic alone. Although she prides herself on her intelligence, Adrianne does not showcase it unnecessarily. She would rather use her intelligence in secrecy, to appear weaker, and therefore less of a threat, in the eyes of her opponents. Adrianne is most intelligent when she manipulates others without their knowledge.

    Adrianne does not recognise her weakness herself, but her one-track mind causes her to burn more bridges than she builds. She fails to understand the value of an ally, which will possibly be her downfall. By being detached from her emotions, Adrianne can feel empty even after victory, which will always lead her wanting more. She is easily carried away, to the point where she is a danger to more than just monsters.

    Adrianne’s femininity is the greatest weapon in her arsenal, as she is often underestimated by her opponents. She is not afraid to exploit her femininity to overcome obstacles, and is flirtatious when the moment requires her to be.

    Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

    Starting Monster: A previously unnamed relation to the dragon formation of a Chimera

    Monster Name: Tryad.

    Type: Fire

    Weakness: Water

    Monster Appearance: In its first evolutionary state, Tryad has only one head – that of a lion. Its eyes glint a fiery red colour, and its fur is a dark orange. At this stage, the mane is short and of similar colour to the fur. The front paws are that of a lion, whereas the back paws are that of a goat. At its midriff, two large, brown skeletal-looking wings protrude. The tail is distinctively reptilian, and harnesses a blue-black flame on its tip. In between its strong jaws lies a row of long, sharp teeth. In this stage, the only fire available to Tryad is via its tail, but its strong quarters and even stronger jaw are more than a match for most. At this point, Tryad's body is the size of an average lion.

    Combustion Whip (fire) – The monster whips its fiery tail to burn the foe. The foe’s defence is lowered.

    Maul (dark) – The monster uses its claws and teeth to rip the foe in a brutal physical attack.

    Air strike (wind) – The monster takes to the skies and drops unexpectedly on the foe with great speed and force.

    Second evolutionary stage:
    Tryad will develop another head to the right of its lion head – that of a dragon. This head is black and scaled, with two horns protruding from its forehead. The eyes are a deep, glittering black, and its fangs protrude out of the jaw. At this stage, the tail is darker in colour and the lion’s mane is more prominent, now a distinctive brown in comparison to the orange fur. The dragon’s head breathes a blistering black fire, and has a forked tongue.

    Third evolutionary stage:
    Tryad will now develop a goat’s head on the left of the lion. Its fur appears slimy and wet, and is a dark blue colour. The muscles of the goat neck seem atrophic, as the head droops uncontrollably. The eyes of the goat glow a fierce, demonic red, and do not blink. The rear legs of Tryad are now more prominent and forceful, and the monster can attack with much darker moves. The goat’s head seems to be possessed and demonic, and can instil fear into its opponents. It rarely makes a noise, but it is rumoured that when the goat bleats, the opponent will die within the next 14 days.

    Fourth evolutionary stage:
    Tryad is far larger at this stage, measuring at 14ft from head to toe. The wings are now a jet black, and the fur is a much darker brown-black colour. The flame on its tail has been replaced with the flat head of a pure black snake, which hosts a paralytic venom. If immediate treatment isn't sought after being bitten, a human may lose a limb, become comatose or even suffer a fatality. The snake itself is blind as its eyes are milky white. The claws, teeth, hooves and horns of the beast are much stronger, larger and more lethal in this stage, and the lion's mane is alight with a bright orange flame. At this stage, the beast can communicate via the Dragon or Lion heads, but the snake and goat heads are not of a similar intellect. The eyes of the Dragon and Lion heads glow ruby red, and the beast is far more corrupt and violent as a whole.

    Misc. Information: Tryad is related to the mythological Chimera. It is corrupt and will seek out confrontation for pleasure. There are few creatures of Tryad’s breed, as the monster will usually either kill a potential partner or the live young. Those which do survive are often killed by townspeople in the best interest of the community. These creatures are moderately intelligent, and will prey on the weak. These beasts have never been known to be tamed successfully in their adult form, but they are smart enough to recognise loyalty at a young age. Those who are willing to risk taming these beasts believe that they will remember and respect that the tamer helped them in their youth. This has never been seen to happen in practice, as in the rare occasion that a tamer will find and choose this breed, it will grow to kill them for pleasure or food. In any other circumstances, the beast will rarely make it past the second evolutionary stage before the public murder it in what can only be justified as a ‘mercy killing’. Sightings of a third evolutionary stage are extremely rare, and nobody is certain as to whether there is a fourth evolution.
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