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    Name: Michael Zacrius Benevolentia

    Age: 20

    Appearance: Michael is small for his age, standing at 4'11". His small stature, however, belies a compactly muscular build that, in addition to his naturally high energy level and endurance, fuels his considerable strength and agility. He wears his white as snow hair long and straight, usually tied in a braid that hangs down to his shoulders, but sometimes forgoing the braid for a simpler ponytail. He has bangs that hang down, sometimes over his eyes, which have purple irises. During formal occasions, he will slick back his hair and braid it. His skin is lightly tanned, thanks to Michael liking to hike, walk, and even participating in free running. When just hanging around, expect Michael to wear a white t-shirt with a random graphic on it, black trousers, and a pair of black boots that allow Michael to use his feet as if they were bare-footed, allowing him to run that much faster while making sure his feet aren't harmed by Mother Nature. A black leather overcoat and gloves can be seen being worn by him during winter. During formal occasions, he appears rather partial to the three-piece black suit and tie, coupled with polished dress shoes and the previously mentioned black leather overcoat and black leather gloves. He keeps this suit and numerous other things in a brown leather backpack.

    Personality: Michael is an extremely curious, kindhearted, notably compassionate, loyal (to those he trusts), and patient (almost to a fault) individual. He usually keeps to himself unless spoken to. It is only then that he'll talk to someone. He is very mature for his age and has a wisdom beyond his years. While he is incredibly intelligent, he has trouble with words, sometimes not being able to say what he means. This usually ends with people taking what he said in the wrong way, and him being yelled at. While Michael usually takes the results with a smile, there are times he will walk out of the room to somewhere private. If someone were to check on him, they would usually see him with his face covered, mumbling something.

    Michael also seems to be fearless. You can put just about ANYTHING in front of him, and he will not flinch. Truth be told, this is usually more out of curiosity than actual fear, but even if he isn't curious about it, he'll stand right where he's at, probably wondering why everyone is running from the hundred story tall monster. Hell, he'll probably think the monster is cute. Couple this with his other qualities, and you might be able to see why he'll make a great Tamer. Heck, he's the son of two great Tamers already! He does worry about the pressure though, among other things. You see, Michael hides his temper really well, and keeps a number of problems he has bottled up. It makes one wonder when that bomb will go off...

    In battle, he is an exceptional tactician, often exploiting weaknesses or even creating traps. He likes to gather information on various monsters, usually after he sees a certain creature for the first time. Thanks to this, he has a wide knowledge about various monsters. Add to the fact that he has a damn good work ethic, expect someone not only able, but willing, to command six different monsters as a (compassionate) general would command his soldiers, and do a damn good job at it. He sees monster as beings that should be treated with respect and honor, as he knows that an angry monster can easily equal death to any person. He doesn't really have an opinion on the Illuminate or the FRA. He just tries to not get involved with them too much.

    Hometown: Asheville, NC, USA

    Starting Monster: White Manticore Cub (Male)

    Monster's Name: Gabriel

    Monster's Appearance: The White Manticore Cub looks to be a lion cub with the wings of an eagle. Both the wings and the body of this cub are white as snow while the eyes are a glowing sky blue. While it does have a wingspan of five feet, the White Manticore Cub cannot fly yet, due to its wings not being developed enough. Since that is the case, expect for its wings to stay still and not open up. Do not let the cute appearance fool you. This little cub is as powerful as a full-grown male lion and not afraid to take its enemies down, especially if it comes across a Demon Hyena, which is the White Manticore's mortal enemy. Also keep in mind that this species is very prideful and intelligent, so don't be surprised if your White Manticore doesn't listen to you. If the White Manticore is a cub, however, it will listen regardless. Hope and pray that it stays that way as the cub transforms.

    Type and Weakness: The White Manticore species is of the Wind-type, and they are extremely weak to electricity. They also show a sensitivity to darkness.

    Roar of Winds (Wind): A roar is let loose from the user's mouth, sending out a wind. The stronger the user, the greater the wind. (For example, Gabriel's Roar of Winds only reaches ten miles per hour. As the RP goes on, it will become stronger when Michael transforms.)

    Sonic Claw (Wind): The user strikes quickly and silently with its claws.

    Wind Fang (Wind): As quick as the wind, the user jumps at its foe and bites down as hard as it can.

    Future Forms:
    White Manticore Adolescent (Wings are developed enough that it can fly, although not far. Wingspan is ten feet. The wings are able to use wind techniques now. Roar is twice as powerful as before, clocking in at twenty miles per hour. Half the size of your usual lion/lioness. Males of the species start growing white manes. Able to shoot out small embers. Can talk, but it sounds like gibberish most of the time.)
    -> White Manticore Adult (Wings are developed to the point where they can fly wherever they want, hardly ever needing a break. The wingspan of this creature is now twenty feet. Roar unleashes a wind that goes up to fifty miles per hour. Also able to breathe fire and now shows the ability to use a few light techniques. Manes are fully grown and still white for the males. Size of a full grown lion/lioness. Now able to speak one language, usually the native language of the area. Most members of this species usually stop here, as it takes a lot of work to become a Holy Manticore.)
    -> Holy Manticore (Twice the size of the usual lion/lioness. The manes of the males now have streaks of gold and the eyes have gone from a sky blue to glowing silver. Claws are now golden while the body is covered in numerous golden runes. The wings of this creature now have gold, silver, and white feathers. Wingspan is fifty feet. Shows absolute mastery over wind. Able to breathe flames hot enough to melt solid steel and rock. Now shows a solid grasp on light techniques. Its roar is arguably more powerful than its claws or bite now, as the roar can reach two hundred miles per hour. Legend says this species was known to be fierce hunters of demons. It is said that the males of this species can be HUGE, weighing more than a thousand pounds while being more than twenty-three feet long in length, tail included. At shoulder height, males are usually recorded at being a little more than eight feet tall. Able to speak ANY language. Hasn't been seen in fifty years, making some believe that White Manticores are no longer able to become Holy Manticores.)
    Will finish everything soon! Promise! FINISHED!
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