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☯ Friends

Kiba watched quietly as she spoke, sighing as she pointed out specifically that his apologizing was what made it awkward. "Oh... Sor--" He cut himself off, as he was about to apologize for apologizing. Sighing, he buried his head in his hands, closing his colorful eyes and letting his mind focus. Come on... What has gotten into me?? I used to be precise, always focused and now... My mind has turned itself into a Tangela and knotted itself up... He rested there, head in hands silently, until her voice made him lift his head once more. It was an offering to go with her, probably to turn in her mission, or to go meet up with the oth-- The others! He stood quietly and walked over, reaching a hand down to her, offering to help her stand. She looked like she might have a slight limp or minor trouble walking, so he wanted to be sure she was okay.

He glanced outside for a moment, then to her. His green and blue eyes seemed to be glowing, making even his ice blue eye seem visible beneath the jet black hair that was swept over the right side of his face. "So, will you be coming with us? I think they're almost done with a mission too, so you all could turn in your missions at the same place, or maybe if there's a place here you could turn yours in early... Though that's up to you." Despite the irrelevant conversation, his eyes still showed concern. The burns seemed pretty bad, and that's coming from someone who trains with a massive and powerful Arcanine. He was almost used to burns now, though they still stung quite a lot. It was a good thing he had all of those berries with him. "I have lots more Rawst Berries, so if your burns start to hurt again I can give you more berries... Think you can walk alright?"

Mello nodded to Aviath, and smiled at Echo. Congratulations Echo! That looked amazing!

Flare had been watching the battle silently, but simply nodded to Echo in congratulation.

Spirit had fluttered up to Echo and smiled. You looked powerful! Kibasan used to train me like that, although he didn't use gloves or anything like that. He said he needed the training as much as we did. Of course, that was before I died...

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