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I would like to join this club, if it's still alright. I love Square-Enix. <3

I'll answer some of the discussion topics, too (see under the spoiler tag). By the way, it's great that you guys already have copies of the Japanese KH:DDD (no, I'm not smiling, that's Dream Drop Distance for non-KH fans, although I think the colon before the D's can be omitted). Now I can hear from your experiences first-hand! :33

What is your favourite series made by Square-Enix?
When I was a kid, I always adored the Mana series. One title that stands out would be Seiken Densetsu 3 (SE was just Squaresoft back then) which I played on an emulator (shh) after seeing my brother play it. :> I still remember the fond memories of playing that game, especially Kevin's werewolf (actually, "Beastman") bad-assery. It's probably the first game I cried on, but I don't really remember much of that time. :P I wish they'd make more games in this franchise that are as great as the classic titles, just so I can relish the nostalgia (hopefully they'd stick with the style) and greatness. Sadly, the last game that I've heard from this series would be Heroes of Mana for the DS, which was released five years ago.

Right now, Kingdom Hearts would be my favourite series. No words can explain how much I love that series and its characters. <3 Final Fantasy has been declining in quality in recent years, but it's still my second most favourite among SE's franchises (this explains my username-- and yeah, I know it's ironic that FF's just second on my list, given that Cid's originally from the FF series). Third would be The World Ends With You, because I enjoyed playing that game so much and made me crave for new FF's styled like it (come on, SE). Special mention to Chrono Trigger, which I recently discovered. (b'')b

Who is your favourite Kingdom Hearts character?
Can it be the original trio, SoRiKai? Please? Oh well, I have to choose one, so I'll pick Sora. My interest in Sora went like an inverted bell curve, actually. If it weren't for the recent titles (and quickly replaying the first title, along with recently beating Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories) then he wouldn't be my favourite. I just love his character, his style of fighting, his motivation, however much of a Gary Stu he might be.

[KH:DDD spoiler]
I particularly like how they finally make Sora know of Xion through Roxas' acknowledged memories. Or so it seems from that one TWTNW cutscene in the live streams. XD This just made my respect level for Sora rise highly.

Anyway, Sora's awesome. So he's my current favourite. Kairi and Naminé are close runner-ups. Special mention to these Organization XIII members: Roxas, Larxene, Saix, Axel and Xion (listed in decreasing appreciation).

What console(s) do you hope Kingdom Hearts III will be on?
I actually wish they'd make versions for XBOX 360 and PS3 along with the eventual console they're gonna make it in (probably PS4? I'm pretty sure KHIII will take about five more years or so), but that's all I can do: wish, and hope they somehow hear it. :(

What two Keyblades would you double wield?
I think if I have to dual-wield, I'll go with Way to Dawn and Two Become One, purely based on aesthetics. :3 I love Oathkeeper the most, though. XD

What would you name the Keyblade of Master Xehanort himself?
To be honest, I'm not really creative with names. Ehh... How about Soul Splitter. ;D

What new Disney worlds do you hope will be introduced in KH3D?
I think this is no longer a valid question unless they release a Final Mix version of it or they somehow become generous to the West and improve the North American version. On the other hand, I'd probably like to see worlds in KHIII based on The Jungle Book, The Princess and the Frog and Tangled, to name a few.

What is your favourite Kingdom Hearts game and why?
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. It was the first one I properly beat. And I loved every moment of it. :3
In addition, I wish they would make a Re:358/2 Days included in KHIII Final Mix, at the very least. I will buy that even if they only released it in Japanese. XD

If you could play as any KH villain (or, in some cases, allies), who would it be?
Since I've played Mission Mode of KH: 358/2 Days, I'd go with Vanitas. Wait, no, how about Xehanort? I want some back story from that guy! I mean, he's in every game yet we know nothing about his [geezer] life. It would be a nice change, too. They better include an option/campaign to play as him in KHIII.

Who is your favorite character from The World Ends With You, and why?
Hanekoma. That guy is truly awesome. Special mention to Minamimoto, Shiki, Rhyme, Joshua and Beat.

What Pokémon do you think fits each of the TWEWY characters?
Really, I have to enumerate one for each? Let's see, for the TWEWY characters on the top of my head, Alakazam for Hanekoma, Houndoom for Minamimoto, Mew for Shiki, Pachirisu for Rhyme and Absol for Beat.

[TWEWY spoiler]
Oh, and Arceus for Joshua. ;D

Additionally, I would like to contribute with a conversation topic.

What was your first KH/FF game and what were your thoughts about it?
First Kingdom Hearts game played would be Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the GBA, which I never finished on my first try and only actually beat this year. XD Discovering it was a fond memory, especially feeling all the charm brought by having my favourite Disney characters in the game. Admittedly, I mostly didn't get the story, haha. I eventually knew the story from the other games and the internet, though. Now that I think of it, it's probably why I beat it late. :P

First Final Fantasy game played would be Final Fantasy IV Advance on the GBA. I'm a bit late on the Final Fantasy bandwagon, but I really liked that game's story and some of the characters (particularly Kain and Rydia <3). I only started seriously liking it from playing Final Fantasy VI Advance, and after trying out Final Fantasy VII and X, I've been loving the series ever since. :3

I'll add this to the answer, too, since Dragon Quest is also owned by Square-Enix. I've only played one Dragon Quest game: Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride on the DS, and I'm, sadly, uninterested to continue. I wish I'd get motivated, though, especially with that sharp-looking art style reminiscent of Chrono Trigger (I know they both have Akira Toriyama behind the games so that explains it). Oh yeah, is anyone willing to recommend me a good Dragon Quest game?

I just realized how long that post was, so I'm placing a spoiler tag around some of it out of respect. Loving something this much really gets me talking, it seems. XD