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    "Its a Poke'Block, you eat it. Its like a candy for pokemon. Shadoan only gives them to us when we work hard and you fought well, so you earned it." Avaith then sits back and brushing against Mello as the two watch Echo look at the sweet treat in wonder. When Avaith heard Spirit on when "she died" He glanced at the ghost pokemon with a question roaming his mind. (How did she die? Is there something more to Kiba?) He glanced at Mello and back to spirit, he decided he would wait until the evening when he and Mello were alone so he could try to get some answers from her or Flare.

    As Shadoan was cross-referencing the information he purchased, a lot of it didn't make sense.

    The E&S league is an underground league with more than over 500 trainers joining yearly. There is never a year that goes by where trainers may resort to killing one another for badge components since they themselves are having issues to survive. Police, military groups and soldiers of fortune invade Lethia time to time to try and take the law into their own hands.
    Rumor goes about that the military are looking for the Leviathans Bastion in order to setup base camp and end the battle royale permanently. Any way possible
    Lethia is full of plants and specimens that don't even exist in the other regions like the Silver Root or Jumbi Bark. Materials that fascinate scientist's to at least risk a military escort into Lethia and study these materials in order to produce new items.
    Looking over the information, Shadoan could do nothing but bury his face into his hands. "The first bit of information makes sense, but if they wanted to end the tournament, they should have succeeded by now. Even with military tech, they should be able to survive years here in Lethia, even in winter... The third bit doesn't make much sense, if they came here because of the materials, shouldn't they have found uses for it back home? Such as more powerful repels or more durable clothing?... If so, this island should have been harvested of all its natural resources.... And the second bit, Leviathans Bastion..... What is that?.... More importantly, where is it?" He starts to scratch his head as he gets up and looks towards the lake. ".... Lets finish this pokemon job, get paid and take on the photography job.... Ill go over the info with the guys when we get back to Gaia's Heart." Taking a fishing rod out of his bag, he calls forth Ulla from her pokeball. He sits at the water's edge and cast's his line out into the water, waiting patiently until he snags a pokemon! a Mudkip had bitten into his line as Shadoan pulled it to the surface. A battle insued as Ulla came diving towards Mudkip. The small pokemon dodged it and fired a water gun.

    "Ice Beam Ulla!" Ulla obeyed and froze the mudkips water gun before the ice shards could hit her. Mudkip followed up on its actions with mud sport as Ulla dived in and slammed herself against the mudkip. "NOW, USE BLIZZARD!" Ulla once more opened her beak and froze the mudkip once more. Taking out one of the unregistered pokeballs, he tossed it as it captured the little mudkip. The ball rolled back and forth with the red light still lit.

    6 - 5 - 3 - 4 - 4 (Avg: 4.4)
    Capture Successful!
    The red light fades as Shadoan walks over and picks up the pokeball. He stores it away into his bag and smiles at Ulla "Job complete....well, my end is, We'll help Jack turn his end when we get to him again..."

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