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"Um, what?" Kerin blinked as Marisa left him with the strange man. Kerin had never seen so many colours on one person before and it was... well, it weirded him out just a little. His enthusiastic voice and general... attitude was just a little too much for him. Sure, Marisa was a little bit similar, but she was a little girl. She was allowed to be cute. But this guy? He was a lot older. And crazier. And just... yeah.

"Um, no, you didn't smudge it," Kerin scratched his nose at the guy. He could not tell what this guy was. Was he a god? All the people that seemed to be around here other than the contestants were gods. He would just leave it at that because honestly, Kerin wasn't bright enough to tell.

"Ahhh, I better introduce myself first! My name is Raum, dear Kerin. I am your guide starting today," Kerin shook the hand that was given to him, intentionally avoiding the rings on Raum's fingers. "Are you finished eating? Because, we should really get to my studio before all the parking spaces are taken."

"Um, where are we going?" Kerin said, intentionally avoiding the question about alliances as he left his now empty plate on the table. Were alliances frowned upon? Praised? Kerin had no idea. Bernkastel, as far as Kerin knew, was a good ally but wasn't their meeting a secret or something? Maybe it wasn't, Kerin did remember someone saying something about cameras. And microphones. UGH! Why didn't he listen or remember these kinds of things?
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