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Originally Posted by QuilavaKing View Post
y u no post here people?

I have a question to get things going again... How do you feel about a fluid sexuality? Do you think it's possible for someone's sexuality to change, or even be completely fluid? (Meaning that it changes very frequently.)

Also, just for fun: What do you think about people who fall in love with things other than humans? Is it real love? Should they be allowed to marry it?
I don't think sexuality can be fluid, I believe that if one year you fancy men and the next you fancy women you are bi, basically. However people often label themselves with the sex they are dating, especially if when in a relationship they don't look at others sexually anymore.

I think when people fall in love with objects/animals its confusing the different kinds of love. Love can mean many things and I think with some people the distinctions blur a bit - I love chocolate but I don't want to marry it, I love animals but I don't do that either o_o. Sometimes I think many people resort to this due to loneliness, or not knowing how to deal with other people :/ I haven't met anyone who loves an non-person mind.