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Oakley North - Atlantean Mansion, Boston, England

"Spanish!" Oakley said, counting her lucky stars. She kept up the conversation so it wasn't so obvious she didn't just want to talk to Christian. "Do you speak another language Antonia? Kieran, what about you?"

"It was an accident," Kieran said, narrowing his eyes. "And I've only been here a few days, thanks very much. I'm not an expert at being an Atlantean. How do you even know what happened? It could have been a group training session! It could have been sparring. It could have been anything that happened. It wasn't," he added to Oakley, who was slowly sinking into her chair, "but it could have been. My power was a reaction to a giant armoured... Oakley falling on me. My bones don't go away, okay? They're always there. It was an accident. She's okay, see? I've seen far worse things happen to other new students. Don't accuse me of anything. What did you do to Oakley that was worth apologising about?" he turned to Oakley, still worked up a little. "No, I only speak English. Before my mum and dad and my brother and I went on a trip to Berlin a few weeks ago."

"Um," Oakley bit her lip. It was true that Kieran was being a jerk but she felt Christian was going a little harsh on him. What about that blast of smoke that he did that blew the wall next to her hours earlier? Still, the conversation was making Oakley nervous. If she didn't have the Crystal, she was sure that she would currently be in a lot of pain. "Um, so you speak Spanish, Christian? ¿Sabes dónde los dormitorios de los chicos son?" She was hoping that Kieran didn't pick any of that up and by an exchange of looks, he just looked interested that she spoke another language.

"¡Buenos dias, amigos!" he said, smiling at her. "That's all I know, heh."

Adeline "Otto" Russo - Under the Vatican, Rome, Italy

"Excellent!" The Librarian clapped his hands together, standing up from the couch. "I am so glad you accepted. I wouldn't know what I would do if I couldn't have a wonderful power such as your own, Alex. Now, we must prepare, it won't take long. Oh, and long as you are careful, Cira!" He disappeared through the doors they came through as Otto slowly stood up herself.

"The Librarian is just cleaning his teeth," Otto blinked at Cira. "With toothpaste. The books are sorted by similarity. There are some signs up, but not a lot since the Librarian obtained an enhanced memory ability. You will most likely have to look around manually. Good luck."

The Librarian returned, grinning widely at the father like he was getting ready for a photo. He looked rather excited too.

"Sorry, sorry, dear Alex. As Adeline may have said, I was cleaning my teeth. I don't want to get any tarte tatin on you! Now," The Librarian motioned to one of the comfortable reading chairs for Alex to sit in, "please sit and tell me when you are ready!" The Librarian looked estatic even, like a child in a toy shop. Though, this probably was a new toy to him. To play with a new Atlantean ability until he knew everything about it.

"I'm all set," Alex gave the thumbs up as he sat in the chair the Librarian offered.

"Excellent!" The Librarian clapped his hands together. "Now please, hold still." He gently took Alex's arm and with a nod, bit it. He didn't have to bite hard; his teeth were sharp enough that it would pierce the skin easily, the same way you can barely feel a needle. He sat there for maybe half a minute, slowly sucking the blood he needed and when he had done, he let go, taking a towel off the table to wipe his mouth then offered it to Alex to clean himself. With his other hand, he placed it on where he had bit Alex then pulled away, the two pin-pricks now disappeared, leaving only a smear of blood from what was on the surface. "It was a present from Ms. Skylee Jennifer!"

Otto however had joined Cira.

"Would you like any help? I know where some sections are but it is much more interesting to read through until you get there. It did take me days to find my own ability, however."

Devon "Evo" Bernot - AUP Headquarters, France

Helena? Devon hadn't really been listening when his father had been introduced to the new recruits. As far as he was concerned, they were just people who walked in and out of his lives and never really were worth remembering. Though, if he had to dig deep to the bottom of his brain, Helena had to be one of the the girls, right? And there was three to choose from. Or it could've been four. Oh well, she wasn't even visible.

"What am I doing?" Devon leant an arm on his knee, supporting his head with it as the other hand made circles on the cold floor. "I'm hiding, I suppose. What are you doing? Aren't you meant to be, like, in there? Licking my father's boots or something?"

He didn't really mean to sound rude but it was the truth. This was what had been happening all week with the new recruits; he'd take them up to his office with Devon by his side to make him seem like the caring father. Then, they'd converse over dinner. Or breakfast. Or lunch. Or brunch. Whichever meal was most convienient to them. Then they'd go to training, get shown their dorms and after that, if they had passed his trust test, take them to the next level, which was probably the only time Devon really went with his father willingly.

"...Sorry," he said, trying to make eye contact with the invisible girl. "My father's just a... yeah." Yeah, there were too many words.
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