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    This is my first attempt at writing something that isn't for school, so, please, tell me if you like it.

    Safe & Sound

    I remember tears streaming down his face, all those Pokemon attacking him and also when everything was in fire.
    I am Porygon, and I was programmed to be the perfect Pokemon.
    Perfect Pokemon.
    Are there any?
    Well, I can't tell with accuracy.

    Where did I came from?
    Not even I now.

    I was programmed to understand humans, to protect them...
    And I was betrayed by them.
    They were greedy, selfish...and they also were my friends.

    I am Porygon and I was programed to make humans feel safe & sound, but I failed.

    When I was created, all those people were happy: they finally created an artificial Pokemon.
    Where was I created by the way?
    It seemed like a mansion, and it was next to a volcano.
    How did they called that Island?
    I'm pretty sure it was something like that.
    Researchers were doing great with me, they taught me how to Tackle, and then to Sharpen.

    But then, that Pokemon was found, they left me aside.
    They started splicing that Pokemon's genes over and over again and the results were awfull. What was that thing called anyways? Mewtwo? Mewthree? Mewsevenbillions? I don't know, but that Mewtwo thing destroyed my home and killed my friends... Or, at least, that's what I thought...

    Between all the debris, one of those humans arose and picked me up.
    "You are safe, I'ts all gonna be alright" he was whispering this over and over again while tears were streaming down his face, he took me out of the island on his flying Pokemon to a forest that was next to a cave, he was waiting for someone, who it was, I'll never know.

    That person never arrived, instead, Mewtwo did, it seemed angry for no reason, and it started attacking us, my Tackles weren't strong enough to defeat him.
    "Run, run and don't come back!" He yelled.
    I can't actually run, instead, I float, but that wasn't time for correcting him, I fled from that forest until I reached this weird mountain... Mars or something, I suck when it comes to remember the names of places, I guess I have a Recognition System, but I don't have a Memorizing System.
    This mountain is frecuently visited by this pink, elf-like huggable things they call "Clefairy".
    They gather on certain nights and dance under the moonlight.
    I know this, because I saw it, it was beautiful, I must say.
    Clefairy don't seem to be disturbed by the prescence of other beings, as long as they aren't humans, I don't know why, though.
    After this dance I cuddled between some rocks and tried to get some sleep, instead I had nightmares that involved Mewtwo and my friends. It's all gonna be okay, I try to tell to myself...
    But I'm not sure if it'll be.
    I am Porygon, and this is my story.

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