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Done my SU, tell me if I missed anything.

Name: Briana Hastings

Nickname: Bree

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Dorm: Suicune Dorm

Appearance: Bree has beautiful, silky, coffee colored brown, wavy hair. And goes down to her hip's. Her hair was two strip's from the her side bangs, with are braided and put to the back, then attached together. She also has no bangs, just side bangs. Bree wears a white, cowgirl hat with red border lines. It's not to big, but not to small, and looks great with her hair color. She also had nicely tanned skin, and is the average height for a thirteen year old girl. Her eye's are a Jade green color, with a small hint of grey to it. Bree's cheek's are very rosy when she's in the cold. She wears a a beautiful choker around her neck, it is white with some red flower's and a red apple hanging in the middle from it. Bree wears a darkish red sleeveless top, with two plain, darkish red (same color as top) unattached sleeves going down her arm, starting from bellow her shoulder, ending right where her hand start's. Her top has a small white bow in the middle at the top, and the rest is completely plain. At the bottom, Bree wears a pair of normal Jean's. With a hazel brown belt at the top of it, with a brown circle in the middle. There's a slight tear on the right side of the Jean's, it isn't very visible but it is when she it's down. Bree wears a pair of non-high heel cowgirl boot's, that are white with a red zipper and a couple of brown straps hanging down from the top. She also has long, non-painted finger and toe nail's and a heart birthmark on her left shoulder and also has a beauty spot next to her left eye, but a little bit more down.

Personality: Bree is a sweet, caring girl. She has a very good sense of Humor and always know's the right things to say, if it's to cheer someone up, to encourage, to greet or anything else like that. She always put's her worries behind her, and makes sure that the future is what matter's. Bree Isn't very Timid or shy to new people, she likes to stay positive and make friends than keep the past at the front and hide in the Shadow's. Bree uses a Southern Carolina accent, and uses the words 'Ya'll, ya, Hiya, Youngster's (for young ppl like a eight year old or something.) and also uses allot of different phrases than other's. People would sometimes say that Bree is annoying, due to the fact that she likes to say stories about back at her house. In South , at her farm. She is also always relaxed, at serious times she hesitates and is nervous but in other's she hardly worries. On some negative trait, Bree can get mad allot. Especially if people make fun or her, her pokemon or her friends. She also sometimes ignores her friends without knowing, which is one of her most annoying Flaws. Bree was never really good at making friends, but if she had atleast one it was good enough to last forever.

History: In Bree's early day's she lived in a small farm, in Jhoto with her family member's. There farm was named the MooMoo Farm, it would be located in Rout 39. She lived with her two sister's, Bailey and Bethany and her father, Bob. When Bree was young, around the age of six, she had saved a Miltank's life. The Miltank was also Bree's first, trusty pokemon. Her two sister's had gotten other Miltank's, so they wouldn't feel left out. Then one day, some weird guy came over to Bree's house to speak to Bob. She and her sister decided to ease drop, since the guy looked all buisnessy and important. The girl had over heard him say that if they don't pay the Bill, there farm would close down. When the guy left, Bob pretended it was nothing that he just came for a Milk appointment. But they knew he was lying. That same day, in the night Bree decided to go get enough Money to save the Farm. She wen't out at 1:00 AM exactly and wen't out alone to the nearest City, Olivine City. The next Morning when Bree had returned, she emptied her Money full pocket's and put it on there table. When everyone woke up, all the Money was gone. Bree didn't know what happened and her two sister's also didn't know anything, even about the Money steal. The three sister's headed out with there Miltank's and decided to catch a couple new pokemon for the farm, that way they may be able to earn enough money to save the ranch. Bree had got only a small Mareep and her sister not a singe Pokemon. After two years, the farm was packed up with different good pokemon. The Hastings family always had enough Money to pay for the farm rent's, Milk taxes ect. For another five year's the family has lived well, until they were robbed and forced to sell there farm. Each of the girl's had brought three pokemon to accompany them, the rest were either sold or killed. Or taken in by a new owner. Bob decided to keep his kids safe, and as much as he loved them he sent them away to different Pokemon academy's for there own good. Bree was sent to the Pokemon Academy, to learn how to fight with pokemon and all. Parting with her sister's, and her farm was a big loss. But now it was time for her to make a new start and live a better life.

Species: Flaffy
Nickname: Tofee
Personality: Tofee is sweet just like Bree, she can get annoyed easily but that doesn't stand in her kind nature.
Lvl: 15
Moves: Thnuder Shock, Thunderwave, Wild Charge, Screech, Double Team and Tackle.

Species: Tepig
Nickname: Porkers
Personality: Porker is a smart Tepig, he loves to be around Bree and loves to battle.
Lvl: 16
Moves: Flame Charge, Ember, Growl, Yawn, Will-O-Whisp and Tackle.

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