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Originally Posted by DOA_Hitomi View Post
Dude this is quite good. I am an novice Pokemon Game hacker myself, I'm not that great at it. So, I just keep modifying my personal private hack. It's based on fire red and I have been working on my hack on and off for almost 2 years now. It's currently at "Beta6-3". I am getting used to scripting I use XSE via Advance Map to change the scripts. Here's an useful script: "getitem 0x44 0x99 0x0" modifying an item pokeball with this code/script will spawn "153 Rare Candies". Believe I already tried this. lol
If you use 0xFF instead of 0x99 you can get 255 rare candies
That's the highest hex value it will use, also reason why when you cheat to get your pokemon over level 100 they only go to 255.
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