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    Originally Posted by BavarianCremeCakes View Post
    This sounds awesome! I really like the fact you're implementing both Kanto and Johto into the games. The plane idea is really cool too. Though, is there going to be a sort of cutscene for it, like it taking off?

    Plus, I really like the Hunger/Stamina/Hygiene thing, but, how fast would they deplete? Like, by nightfall, are they really low, or do they still have a while to go until you have to stop?

    Anyways, enough of my babbling, this'll prolly be a huge project, and in that case, I wish you good luck. :D
    The plane would most definitely involve a short cut scene of it taking off after which you would be on the plane and allowed to move/battle (Maybe) and then another cut scene of it landing.

    In regards to hunger hygene and stamina, Hygene is no longer being discussed as having to shower every night would be tiresome in itself. Stamina will be applied to the running shoes allowing you to sprint for short distances. You will have a stamina bar which will display stamina as it depletes and recharges. The cool down time will probably be roughly 30-45 seconds. As for hunger will be similar to stamina but will take a lot longer to deplete of course. This give new funtions to the water/soda pop/lemonade items as well as some new food/drink items. Also we are debating sleeping and having a well rested bonus for sleeping. This will take about 1 minute and fast forward the internal clock in intervals of your choice (changing the time of day in game). Well rested bonus will be active probably for about and hour or two in which case stamina will regenerate faster/deplete slower and hunger will deplete slower and cost less to recharge. A not on stamina, there will be items such as energy drink which increase/boost stamina for short periods of time as well.

    And no this project is not dead, just moving slowly as I have a lot of mapping/events to work on.
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