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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
If you're attracted to feminine men as well as women you are still bisexual though, unless you're not finding them sexually attractive - just noticing good looking feminine men more. With love and things coming in it gets all confusing and yes there are lots of variations on it.

I put sexuality down to sexual attraction though, which I would say is not fluid, just has a lot of different grays along the scale. I think people change what they identify as simply because we're used to such rigid terminology, rather than them actually changing themselves.
It's the rigid terminology you're using in describing my hypothetical-someone as bisexual which is getting me confused. I suppose that, technically, if you found yourself attracted to someone who was male and someone who was female that you would be bisexual, but I think that kind of negates the specifics of a person's attraction. To me, an attraction to women and also to strictly feminine men isn't the same thing as an attraction to men and women.

Okay, I'll stop saying "someone" 'cuz I'm mostly just using myself as an example. I'm attracted to feminine guys, guys who crossdress, etc., but not to more masculine men (mostly - if I get to know someone that can affect how I feel). At the same time I'm generally attracted to women regardless of how feminine or masculine they are, and to people who are androgynous. I don't think 'bisexual' really captures my sexuality and for someone to call me that would feel a bit, I dunno... disrespectful? Can't think of the right word at the moment.