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Ok, sorry, my bad, the script doesn't work, and i don't know why. In the past months i only worked with ASM, so i'm a but rusty with scripts. Here's a routine.
Try callingasm this routine:
.align 2

	push {r0-r4, lr}
	ldr r0, =0x3E8 			@flag base
	ldr r1, =0x0			@counter
	cmp r1, #0xBE
	bhi end
	add r1, r1, #0x1
	bl clearflag
	add r0, r0, #0x0		@next flag
	b loop
	pop {r0-r4, pc}
	ldr r4, =0x0806E6A8+1          @clearflag routine offset
	bx r4
Hope this helps.
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