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    Before saying my piece.
    I read everything here.
    And not even in the real world can you get this good of a debate. I tried every day in my 9th grade civics class, and the entire class devolved into me and my teacher having a debate with like NOBODY else participating. It was fun, but, more people makes it better. Anyways onto my opinion, sex shouldn't really be...had until you're out of high school.
    That's only my opinion, mainly because aside from the possible physical repercussions of it, there are emotional repercussions for some people too, and then there's just a bunch of mess involved.
    I think that the media glorifies it...but in a not-good way, you know? I belive in the 80s..or was it 90s, that Salt n Pepa made a song called "Let's Talk About Sex" and it was about safe sex, stuff like that. Nowadays, you listen to alot of the sexually oriented music on the radio. It's all real bad and dirty, you know? Ever listen to that Young Money song "Roger That"? I despise rap but somehow love that song, but that song is really naughty.
    Anyways, if sex-oriented stuff in the media had a more "Let's Talk About Sex" feel to it, maybe it'd be better. And, young children really have no business knowing about it, because their cute lil minds have better stuff to worry about, like why they can smell rainbows, or other crazy kid stuff like that.
    just sayin'~ ....