Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon: Adventure to Empire Isle
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    Wow, I've just started playing this hack and I'm really impressed! I love how you're expanding on the Sevii Isles, as I always loved those when I first played Fire Red. I hope you continue to work on this, and am anxious for the next beta release! Keep up the good work!

    One more thing, do you plan on editing any of the movesets / base stats for the Pokémon to make them more balanced? I love playing hacks like Expert Emerald where many of the Pokémon lacking in terms of base stats and shallow movepools have been improved, and would love to see this kind of thing in you hack. Obviously, that's just my opinion and many others wouldn't agree, so it's up to you. Also, did you plan on creating a mini 'guide' showing which routes contain which Pokémon? I'd really appreciate this too, but I understand it's easy for me to ask these things.
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