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Originally Posted by 0shawott View Post
Awesome! Glad to hear that, and thanks for the reply. Another couple of things I thought I'd ask about are:
Do you think you could implement running inside buildings?
Have you changed how certain Pokémon evolve (eg. Ones that usually evolve by trading, now evolve by levelling up)?
And finally, will you still have move tutors? I want my Machoke to have Rock Slide!
Thanks again!
Running inside buildings... Not a necessity but if it doesn't require too much messing around then yes. I'm sure it's only a simple change on Advance Map.

I haven't changed Pokemon yet evolutions but I sure will be for Beta 0.2 when people will need it for Machop, Geodude etc!

And I will yes. There's a guy on Two Island, not sure if he is one of them? Thanks again!
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