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Firstly you don't really need two SR users, since unless the opponent has a Rapid Spinner, usually it isn't that much of an issue, plus it wastes a spot on the other Pokemon. I'd probably keep SR on Empoleon to set it up initially and use that as a lead to set up SR, then switch to Zone to make use of screens, then switch to Scizor to do the baton passing, then go to Rhyperior to have no issues and for it to have no earlier damage from setting up SR.

On Infernape you don't need both Flamethrower/Fire Blast and it really needs a secondary STAB, so you could go with Close Combat over one of the others, so you have good coverage with fire/fighting.

Scizor can work as a baton passer, I just don't really think it fits into your team, considering you only have one physical Pokemon to baton pass to (with Swords Dance) - are you using it entirely for Rhypherior? It also needs an Adamant nature, btw @ Scizor, so Bullet Punch can actually do some damage, but since it's in-game, you can't change it etc :(

On Empoleon you could consider Grass Knot or Ice Beam for extra coverage > Metal Claw, plus the fact that steel attacks like Metal Claw don't really do much in OU.

tbh it seems like you're going all out: with a baton passer/screens and the rest of your team probably doesn't necessarily benefit from it, since for baton passing, people usually use powerful Pokemon, like Dragonite for example & a few other Pokemon, that could really make use of the extra boosts, making them even deadlier to face (also having half a team dedicated to one Pokemon isn't the best idea in case that sweep fails). But yeah good try/start anyways! Just might want to reconsider some of your team members though and whether they're suited to the roles they have. I'd have added more but it's early and I figure PlatDude has the rest covered. XD;