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    Well, the Unova national dex will contain 300 pokémon. So let's assume it'll be the same +150 as we have now + about 150 others. There's some old pokémon added but the ones revealed don't make 150 together.. so we'd have to get some more old ones revealed as new pokémon seems unlikely to me.

    quoted from Serebii:
    Within the new Unova Pokédex, which contains a combination of old and new (Unova) Pokémon, Psyduck is #026, Riolu is #033 and Metagross is #254, with other Pokémon such as Tyranitar, Lapras & Arcanine being available.

    I'm actually pretty exited, Lapras and Ampharos which are some of my favorites.

    As for the starters I'm not yet bored of Snivy and its evolution line but having the same starters does sound like it'd bore me. But again I doubt we're getting new pokémon.