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    Originally Posted by Matknapers18 View Post
    Was gonna put some of my pictures on..But compared to these my look like pre-school drawings..
    Seriously, don't compare your work to others if it's gonna bring you down. It'll hinder you a ton because then you might start to have a fear of drawing; and to be honest, even I had that at one point. So if you're gonna compare your work.. compare it to yourself, because you can learn and grow and see progress that way.

    Don't let others deter you from posting. Seriously, post away! I'd love to be able to help you even if you think you're just starting out! Don't be afraid to do it! Seriously, every artist has to start somewhere and it's really worth it if you feel like you want a second opinion or just some pointers!

    Post, post, post! An art community really is that; a community! And we're here to support each other!

    Emily: Thanks! I'd love to see some of your work, too!
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