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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post

    Finally, I'm going to go back to "the right reasons" to have sex. Honestly, I find that judgmental - what's so wrong about having sex just because you want to have sex? If a person is taking the proper precautions and being safe and the two (or 3, or 4, etc.) participating are both consenting, what's objectively wrong with them having sex just because they physically want it? Is sex only "okay" if you're doing it for the reasons you want to do it, and not for the reasons they want to do it?
    Just wanted to say that I think "having sex because you want to have sex" is a perfectly fine reason to have sex if you're gonna do it safely. I don't know why people would think otherwise or think that having sex because you "want to" is wrong, because there really isn't an argument for why it would be, IMO.

    Though if you're having sex with someone to get them to like you.. or as an emotional release to distract you from depression or something, or if it's becoming a real serious addiction, then I think that somewhere there you need to take a step back and seek some help for yourself or back away from the situation before you consider having sex again, because in that case I see sex as something that would be more detrimental than beneficial. That's when I see having sex for the "wrong reasons."
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