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    Hey everyone just a quick update intill later tonight as im at work.
    Ive updated the story section theres a few errors as it was late when i wrote it and i still have to add a few things. ive changed my tiles and edited a few pallettes to match, check out the screens and let me know your opinions as this game is made for you all so your opinion matters to me greatly. i havnt changed the pokedex or the credits but i will tonight. enjoy and credits to zeno for inspiration as silver legend is incredible and im striving to one day be in his league, also the torn world is no way near finished so dont judge just yet.

    Oh and im starting a team and information will be updated later tonight on that topic but to sum it up im looking for..
    -another good scripter
    -asm scripter
    -another mapper but no noobs
    -ow and sprite maker
    -cry inserter
    -a tile maker? Lol keep dreaming kebbles
    Pokémon Ice Version

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