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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
We've heard that B2W2 has a "Brand New Story" that will follow for the games. While I've seen massive amount of Speculation to Gameplay, Kyurem, and things to add such as Move Tutors, I haven't seen anyone mentioning new or Changed Gyms.

Gym change talk was pretty big when we thought the new game was Gray, but now that we know it isn't, lets see what kinda Gyms we get.

Gyms can change, Anime, Manga, and the Video Games have shown this. With this being something new to all of the Pokemon History, we can't say that they won't change the Gyms up.

Personally I want to see a Dark Gym. I think its the only Type that has yet to have a Gym, and it makes me yearn for one horribly.

Assuming we are still in Unova, what you think we'd get this time around?
They revealed a new poison gym so imo, the poison gym is going to replace Iris/Draydan