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    Completely went under the radar here with the other discussions, but there is a new building that "supposedly" appears through the region.

    Caption apparently reads:
    Caption by golden building says “What do the blue and red objects mean? Looks fun!”
    Scan is hard to see which sucks, but you can make out a Gold and Silver logo above the building...just barely. What could this building be?

    Did they replace the Musical? Did they update the Musical?

    Is there a new Mini Hut to prep us for the Battle Frontier?

    I'm thinking they are "Battle Clubs". Yep. Don George's Battle clubs. Maybe as a little tie away filler similar to the battle tents from Emerald. With the Don George fillers being the main go between for the main story in the Anime I wouldn't be surprised if they were added into the new games.

    Whatcha think? Could this be a sneak peek to the Frontier or something updated?
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