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    I have a few suggest for you
    _ You should work more on the digimons' back sprites (It's kinda "solid", you know...)
    _ Would you mind adding Raidramon, the Friendship-egg-evolved of Veemon, and Zudomon please
    _ T.K's type must be Angemon's type, and it's Vaccine :D
    _ Friendship Leader should be Ryo Akiyama (Check wiki!)
    _ Last but not least, eat well, stay healthy and give us a great hack :D
    _ How about the movements of Digimons? Could you post us a list so we can help?
    _ Well, about the location names, I suggest you should search "List of location in digimon" and search the link on wikipedia, but I'm thinking of making a .docx file for you
    _ Maybe you should post a list of Digi-dex (like 1. 2. 3. 4. etc) and I'm gonna include that in my docx file too :D
    _ Is there going to be any events of legends? And is there any legendary digimons? :-/
    For the whole Vietnamese Digimon fans, we're waiting for your hack...
    Good luck!