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Hello. This is my first project.
Well, not much different from the others.
The only difference is that this hack has new tiles.

No more trade evolutions.
All Pokemon will have their Black & White Sprites.
New starter.
Increased Difficulty
New Wild Pokemon.
All 386 Pokémon obtainable in the grass areas, caves, water, all around Hoenn!
Evolutions changes
Running Indoors
And much more..

Tools Used

Advanced Pokémon Sprite Editor
Advanced Sprite Position Editor
Advance Starter
Advance Text
Advance Trainer
Free Space Finder
Yet Another Pokemon Editor
Advance Map 1.95
Advanced Pokémon Icon Editor


Banjora Marxvile for his rom base
Wesley Fg for his sprite

Nintendo (Minish Cap (Tiles), and original ROM, and Pokemon Emerald (Meteor Falls, a few house tiles, and the small tree. These are used as Placeholders until I find better tiles (apart from Meteor Falls, better in Purple!))
Sega (Casino Tiles from Sonic 2 Beta)
Bomberman Tournament (Safari Zone Tree Tiles)
The various Tool Makers (Lu-Ho for Advance Map, ZodiacDaMaster for Door Manager, Microsoft for Paint)
Pokemon-Diamond of DeviantART - The Pont Water Edge thing Tiles.
Darkdragonn - Especially for the mountains, which I modified a bit
Pokemon-Diamond (All these from DeviantART - Tiles)
C.N.C - The mart.
Teh Panda
SabfromPC - Underwater mountain tiles
Femok - Secret Base Tree
Accolade - It's a secret to everybody

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Hacks I support:

And i'm a good bug reporter. Contact me if you want :D

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