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Club Creation

So You'd Like to Create A Club?

Creating a club, maintaining that club, options for when you can’t maintain that club any longer, and consequences for failing to maintain your club. Consider this the heartbeat to a successful life here at Pokémon Clubs!

First of all it is important to have a good idea for the club you want to create. If there's an area of Pokemon that you have a particular affinity for then that's probably the right topic for you to create a club about. Now throughout this whole process, the Grand-Master thread will be your most valuable resource. The thread contains an up to date list of all the active clubs, so that you can check if your idea already has a club, instead of looking through the pages, (even though most active clubs are on the first page :p). All updates on the clubs, like when the clubs were approved, changes of ownerships, etc, can also be found in the Grand-Master thread. If you're completely stuck on ideas, try to look at the "Club's to be Made" part of the Grand-Master thread, where there are a few un-claimed club ideas, free for you to make a club on. The only ones that aren't free, are the ones that have a username and a date next to them, which shows that a person has reserved that idea, and when the reservation expires. Only if the club hasn't been made before the expiration date, are you free to make a club on that specific idea. Also if you have a ton of club ideas, that you just can't make yourself, it'd be a great help if you would post them in the Grand-Master thread, so that they can be added to the list for more people to get ideas on.
Now once you have an idea for a club, which you are sure you're going to make, it's hugely advised that you make a reservation for it in the Grand-Master thread, or else there might be a small chance that someone would snag it from right under your nose.

Club Creation
Club creation is a moderated process that requires a moderator to approve your club before it shows up in the thread index. This is for a wide variety of reasons, but the most important reasons are to cut out the sub-par clubs (the clubs that don’t have the required information and details) and weeding out the clubs that are based on things that already has a club created.

Creating a club is simple, but it requires a bit of detail, and a person with an eye for detail and a sense of responsibility to lead the head. A proper club should include rules (which are specific to the club, and are expected to be followed in addition to both the Pokémon Club forum rules as well as the Community Guidelines), general information about the purpose of the club, an updated list of members who are involved in the club, and an application of sorts for others to join. Successful clubs usually include other things, like a points and rewards system, and their club leaders are actively involved in the discussions.

If you feel you have all the information and required details for creating a club, then by all means, create the club. Please keep the title of your thread appropriate. If you're creating a club for Grass Pokémon, name it Grass Pokémon Club or something of the sort. Club thread titles are supposed to be straight forward. The name of the thread doesn't necessarily have to be the name of the club. After you create the club, it will be submitted in an unapproved status. This means that staff members with the ability to moderate that forum (the moderator of the forum, super moderators, and administrators) have the ability to view that thread, but members and supporters do not. Do not create another thread with the impression that it didn’t get submitted, it did. Now you wait.

Clubs are usually approved multiple times a day, every single day. All clubs approved are then visible to everyone, while clubs that are declined are soft deleted. This means that the content is still available to staff and still take up space on the forum. As mentioned above, there's an update list, with an up to date list of groups that are approved or declined when they are approved or declined. Information on why the group was declined is provided, the exact name and username of the group and group owner (respectively) are included as well. Please make sure to check this thread regularly once you have submitted your group until it has been approved/rejected rather than re-submitting the thread. Some groups will take longer than others to approve as there may be aspects of the group which require editing or certain aspects may need to be checked/revised, so if you've been waiting for longer than you'd expect for your group to be approved don't hesitate to contact the current moderators or post in the Grand-Master thread asking about the thread's progress for being approved.