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Hey guys. I will comment on your sprites but could you guys say something regarding mine as well? I am not that great of a spriter but I will try my best to help you.

Kazoki, your cloud, lightning sprite is sadly saved as a jpeg. That makes it look all gross and you cant do anything with that sprite. SAVE IT AS PNG.
I see you saved the bird, duckling as a png, so keep it that way. I like the duck but its shading looks kind of strange in some parts. Remember that the light source is to the top left. And I think the duck should be facing a little more downward. Great job otherwise!

Novastar. I really like those sprites. Are you asking for which palette is better or is that the male and female version of the sprite? I like the one to the right a little better for some reason. The shading and the lineart look great!!!

Finally, CharGrilled. Those are pretty sweet looking electivires! The only thing that I would have to say is that on the blue one maybe the outline color that you are using could be a little bit darker.
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