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    Originally Posted by Jobrjo View Post
    So now here we are at 36. Yet ???, Electric, Ground, Normal, and Rock still have 0. Any comments on that?
    After thinking about it, I can deduce why ??? is so low, besides the point it's so mysterious that it doesn't even have letters, and that it's only related to Curse (???-type until Gen. V, where it was made Ghost), Eggs (they were ???-type in Gen. III), Weather Ball (it's ???-type if used during Shadow Sky, Arceus (it does have a ???-type form, but it cannot be used without hacking), and Roost (in Gen. IV, it made the use ???-type after using; this was changed to Normal-type in Gen. V). It's the fact that it was removed in Generation V. Unfortuantly, it is no longer a type.