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    4th Update!
    Defeated trainers in Routes 9 and 11
    Potato evolved into Fearow! :D
    Taught Chuchu Brick Break! Now I can crush those Hikers!
    Caught Digglett and Voltorb (HM Slaves for Cut and Flash, respectively)
    Went through Rock Tunnel
    Arrived in Lavander Town
    Deposited Voltorb instead of releasing it since I'm not sure if I'll need Flash later or not...

    My team:

    Chuchu Lv32
    -Brick Break
    -Mega Kick

    Potato Lv31
    -Aerial Ace
    -Fury Attack

    HM Slaves are next, but they're not so important.
    Now I'll go to Celadon!!

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