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    Originally Posted by BZW Golem View Post
    May I join?

    I'm not an atheist, but I also don't believe in any religion much..
    I actually have no idea what I am and I'm trying to build up my beliefs by some research, talking with people and trying to understand >.>
    So I like this kind of talks very much xD

    I was born in a catholic family, my family expects from me to believe in God, go to church and things like that..
    but my brain just screams every time I have to deal with religious people that don't think for themselves.
    I don't agree with the catholic church in many aspects, but because of my family I still have to attend "religion" lessons at school, even after proving that the teacher teaches us some complete idiotic things (ever knew that yoga or acupuncture make you more likely to be influenced by demons?)

    It seems you may a bit Agnostic..

    Don't worry, I'm in the same boat. My family doesn't know about my religious thoughts, though. Except my dad and one of my cousins..

    I hate religion classes after school. It was dumb.

    Did you know that littering is a sin? It's stealing the environment away from others! Oh boy.