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    Originally Posted by Hiroshi Sotomura View Post
    Keldeo isn't even implemented as a special event in B/W. You get a small bonus for bringing it into B/W, but there's nothing really special about it. (We'll be lucky if we can get one as a Mystery Gift, though.)

    I totally called it. This scientist dude is "mysterious". Maybe he really is evil!
    Or maybe he's a recurring figure like Eusine is.
    They do have a built in event in the Moor of Iccirus when you bring it and the others of the Trio.

    There were other events for the others, though the actual way to get them was never disclosed, none were item events so I'm sure the hackers just couldn't find it.

    My surprise was more towards, I thought Keldeo's movie would be before B2W2's release and remember seeing something about the Keldeo event being for BW before today, but now its B2W2 event.
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