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Originally Posted by naczkens View Post
Another bug I've forgotten about. Surfing on Route 45 is not possible.
That's not a bug, actually, that's intentional. Notice how those are bridges over the water, and there are no stairs letting you get down to the level as the water to surf on it. It's emulating this design from Heart Gold

Originally Posted by ChaosSonic View Post
Hey Mateo, when I said that 'knowing that this will be more enjoyable'? I wasn't lying. I'm only just gotten my first badge and entered Union Cave, and I'm hooked on this. The improvements, such Magnet Train tracks ongoing to Union Cave, Mr. Pokemon and Oak gretting a tad different....and no Silver? Will he appear at some point in the story?

Other than that, good job at keeping me engaged with this hack!
Silver doesn't actually show up. His story was mainly in original Gold, and since this takes place later, he isn't around. He will show up in the redesigned Halloween hack that I'm planning out, which takes place between Gold and this hack. It's still way too early in development to make a thread for that hack though, it will be later in the year, closer to October.

But hey, glad you're enjoying it, and of course please continue to post any feedback you have about it, I appreciate it!

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