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Time for an update:
This is from a month ago but I haven't played Diamond in a while.

March 8,2011
Today I started off in the GTS in Jubilife City and made my way to Eterna City. I bought some Honey from that man in Floaroma Meadow, and went straight to Route 205. I battled the trainers there and some of my Pokemon were getting a bit weak. Luckily I found a lady in a house who heals Pokemon. I also caught a Bidoof to make my HM slave and named it respectively. I meet Cheryl in the Eterna Forest and she asked me to partner up and lead her out. I have to admit her Chansey isn't very strong. She says it's good at healing but she didn't even tell her to use Softboiled when she had very little HP left. I used mainly Abra and Luxio while in the forest. One thing I hate about traded Pokemon is when they refuse to obey cause they're at too low of a level so they're really hard to train. But I'm determined to train Abra cause I never used one on my party before. While I was leading Cheryl out of Eterna Forest , Abra evolved into Kadabra! Now all I need to do is trade it to my HeartGold and get Alakazam. I finally made it to the end of Eterna Forest and made it to Eterna City. Didn't battle any of the Fishermen on Route 205's other half till a bit later. Went around to explore the city before battling Gardenia and ran into Cynthia who gave me Cut. My attempt at beating Gardenia didn't go well at first. Even though I've played the games for years(this is my 2nd Diamond playthrough) , made alot of rookie mistakes such as going in with two fainted Pokemon, a lvl 9 Bidoof, a grass-starter and a flying-type with half-hp. So I tried surviving her Roserade as much as I as could, be she knocked me out with Grass Knot , Magical Leaf, and Poison Sting. I know stupid mistakes. I made another mistake by not healing in Eterna City! So I had to go all the way back from Floaroma Town. After healing up, I trained in Eterna Forest and Route 205 , caught a Murkorw and then I easily swept her team with my Staravia. While in Gardenia's gym, Turtwig evolved! After getting the Forest Badge, I taught Grotle Grass Knot and Bidoof Cut. After running around the town a bit,
I entered the Galactic Eterna Building. As usual Team Galatic was easy. The owner of the Cycle Shop gave me a bicycle as a reward for freeing him from Team Galactic. Also got an Explorer Kit from that one man so I explored the Underground a bit. I found some decent Spheres, 3 Heart Seals, Two Skull Fossils,Yellow Shard, a Splash Plate and a Hard Stone.

The team right now:
Twigleaf lv 19
Skyrim lv 22
Kazza lv20
Kimba lv.20
HM slave lv. 9

Quoth lv 11

Another double entry cause I have played since then.
This is based off the journal in the game so it's not very well written.
March 22, 2012
I started off from Eterna City and went to the Mining Museum. This is because I wanted to revive one of teh Skull Fossils I got while Underground. As soon I got my Cranidos from the scientist I named it Headstrong. I headed down to Route 206 soon after. Battled most of the trainer there but skipped a few. Went through, route 207 and made to Mt.Cornet. As soon i arrived to Hearthrome City I was greeted by the judge Keira and her Buneary. Checked out the Contest hall and my mom gave me a dress (yes I'm playing as the girl >.>) Was gonna do a contest but then I remembered about the Puffin Case. On my way to getting it, I ran into Barry. We battled and this battle was alot easier than the first one. Got the Poffin Case from the Pokemon Fan Club. Mixed together a few Poffins and saved from there.

Screw the rules, I have a third entry XD

March 24, 2012

Basically spent most of it training my Murkrow. Plan to use it on my team as my flyer. Started off at Jubilife training any wild Pokemon I found. I went all the way from Oreburgh to Route 207 and battle some of the trainers there. Then rode up and down the Cycle Road and battled the remaining Cyclists there. After that, went under the Cycle Road and battled the Hiker underneath and also caught a Bronzer in Wayward Cave. Went back to Route 207 and went into Mt. Coronet. Battled any wild Pokemon there. Stopped at Route 208.

Current Team:
Quoth: lv 21
Skyrim: (soon to be replaced) lv 24
Kazza lv 22
Kimba lv 22
Twigleaf lv 22
Liberty lv 15
im back