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    Originally Posted by TheShinyEevee View Post



    Giratina: 5435
    Ho-oh: 8466
    Treecko: 2057
    Kyurem: 5313
    Shiny hunting.
    Good luck!
    Originally Posted by G-Money View Post
    1331 Spiritomb.
    Good luck!




    It won't let me quote the quoted spoilers in your posts for some reason, but I'll do it anyways.
    Yay \o/

    Imagine the trailer for a movie in which Keruso and Fufu are fighting for the Indigo League Championship, but this year's battle has a twist: you must use every shiny Pokemon you've every caught!! You could probably make a whole 120-second ad of just the Pokemon coming out of their Pokeballs and having the shiny sparkles and stars from each generation! Of course, all of this would be accompanied by heavy rock music, cameras starting focused on stadium lights in the night sky and zooming out, and lots of explosions.
    Sounds awesome, but it should be Keruso and you. Fufu's too inactive. lol.

    *looks awkwardly at Latios Master, turns back to SS01, and tries not to bring up how Latios Master and I raced last May and he still hasn't gotten the shiny Litwick that he deserved to get on the very first egg because of a 7-year drought before that*
    Latios Master just got Eevee! You haven't gotten a shiny since December D: But a 7-YEAR DROUGHT!?!?! If I got that, I'd stop hunting for good.

    Normally I would assault you with an all-caps rage of red and bold letters warning you of the dangers of undergoing such a perilous quest, but this situation is actually given an exclusive exception in the Shiny Hunter's Manual. There have only been 11 days in the entire history of the SHC (0.4%) that are specified in the Manual as days you're allowed to hunt there, and you happened to pick one of them!!! I'm absolutely astounded that the day you picked to hunt there just so happens to be one of the very, very rare days it's allowed!! Perhaps the omens are aligned in your favor.

    YOU PICKED FRIDAY THE 13th!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!

    I wish you the very best of luck! Prophecy is with you on this day.
    Yes, good luck.

    That's a great idea! I'm definitely cool with the idea of changing up the Hunt of the Week every once in a while, if Latios Master wants to. *turns to Latios Master* You're more than welcome to make it something else if you want to, or if you're happy with the way they're going, you're free to keep it with the random Pokemon. Whatever works best for you.
    Originally Posted by Lady Demoonica Darkmoon View Post
    Countless more Slugma hatched, still no shiny. Anyone know were it is I put the silver body paint?

    Welcome to all new members, yes you can join us, we love the company!

    Yay! for new shinyness catches. Congrats.

    Yep. Sadly, I've lost 2. I 1 hit KO'd a Shiny Golbat, then was Roared away by a Shiny Lairon just a few short encounters later. Worst 30 minutes I've spent hunting. (Thankfully I have gotten even and hunted down replacements... and caught them.) That was years ago, haven't lost any others, thank goodness.
    Good luck with Slugma!

    Originally Posted by PekoponTAS View Post
    Viridian Forest LeafGreen: 2700 Encounters
    Treecko Sapphire: 500 Soft Resets

    Making good progress in my Viridian Forest LG hunt. 1400 of those 2700 encounters were done today. I've basically been doing this all day, and since my insomnia usually keeps me awake until 2:00AM, I've still got plenty of time left. Though I'll most certainly slow down after I've caught my first shiny since actively searching for them. Still hoping I get Shiny Weedle more than anything else in the forest. Haven't done any Treecko Soft Reseting since starting Viridian Forest.

    I think once I get to the 3000 encounter mark, it's safe to say I'm well into the hunt.

    If I'm THAT far into a hunt, the way my mind works is that I wouldn't give up until I found something. It's like the game is winning if I quit, and if I've spent THAT much time on it, no way would I give up and make the entire time spent looking for it a complete waste. Keep working at it. You'll find something soon enough.
    Good luck! And yeah, good point. I'll keep going for a while.

    Originally Posted by Lieutenant Unstable View Post

    I currently own shiny Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and a few others (mind is totally blanking right now). I'm currently hunting Shinx because it's supposed to be easy to chain. Though right now, it's so super frustrating >_<

    I've unfortunately never encountered a random shiny. The shinies I have, have all been either gifted to me by dear friends, or traded.
    Welcome, and good luck with Shinx! I've never chained before actually, but Shiny is a cool shiny And yeah, it can get frustrating, keep at it though!

    Viridian Forest: 3829
    Giratina: 411

    Good luck everyone!
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