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Gonna give out about your typography. That's all I remember the last time I was meant to come here and give you some crit, so let's see where that goes...

This one feels pretty messy in general. Probably due to the fact that the stock is pretty hard to see. Though I know what you're going for and the concept is pretty evident, though I think you can bring across this concept without making the tag so overly busy for the most part. The atmosphere is pretty nice, though the one thing that bothers me most about the tag overall. Bit too much blur in the foreground, it's taking away a lot of the quality of the tag, as well as decreasing a little depth. To be honest the big part I don't like is the lighting. It's a bit heavy to the right, it creates a bit too much contrast in the tag overall. Where as those light strokes going over the focal are also really killing the tag, they take away the quality and distract from the focal point. I think you know it probably wasn't your strongest tag, it just needs less heavy lighting and a bit more atmosphere.

Pretty cool poster, though my only complaint is the typography. When you're trying to keep something informative, keep it to a nice easy to read straight sans-serif font. Try and keep things a bit more clear. The Laundry Bar & $5 are fine the way they are, but the text itself around it needs to be slightly more spaced out and easier to read at a glance. It's all just a bit mushy. Otherwise, good job.
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