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Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
That's a known bug, and I'll try to fix it for the next release. I think I know what the problem is (the fog's zoom isn't taken into account during the tiling).
Double-posting, but for a reason. I believe I have the fix now.

In SpriteWindow, go down to about line 4784 and find the four lines with # ADDED comments at the end of them. Add in the "multiply by zoom" parts as follows:

@__ox+=@__bitmap.width*@__sprite.zoom_x if @__ox<0
@__oy+=@__bitmap.height*@__sprite.zoom_y if @__oy<0
@__ox-=@__bitmap.width*@__sprite.zoom_x if @__ox>@__bitmap.width
@__oy-=@__bitmap.height*@__sprite.zoom_y if @__oy>@__bitmap.height
Let me know if it works completely.
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